Commissioned Art


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James and Debra Ferrari have been working with hospitality designers, interior designers, architects, builders and private clients for 18 years designing and creating commissioned works of art, public art, functional artwork, decorative and furniture pieces that range in many different styles, colors, sizes and themes.

In Art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece.

To begin, we will meet with you to discuss the work of art that you desire. Most often we meet with you on location where the art will be installed. This allows us to see and feel the space and also the opportunity to get to know what you envision for your commissioned piece. We like to build a relationship – a partnership in the design and creative process with you.

We offer a wide range of skills and mediums to fit your needs. We work with you to create a custom piece that not only is unique and inspirational, but also to your specific size requirements.

Many often times our clients look for years for just the right piece of art. They are looking for it to not only be a beautiful addition to their space, but also to fit a specific size requirement or function. They often go unsuccessful, especially when it comes to finding large pieces. Designing and creating original art to work with our clients needs, while also producing inspirational works have been our specialty for many years.

If this is the first time you have commissioned art – let me walk you through the steps…

First, call us at 239-246-0890 or e-mail us at to arrange an appointment to meet with each other to discuss your commissioned art needs.

At this meeting, we will talk about your dimensions, desired art ( which could be a painting, furniture, lighting, murals, wallpapers etc…,) architectural elements, installation date, theme, colors and budget.

After we meet, we get to work in our studios researching and designing a renderings. These are small versions of the art in scale. We will also show you picture(s) of what your commission will look like in your desired space. Thanks to photoshop and our graphic designers.

You may want something tweaked or changed in the rendering. As an example, you may want more of one color than another. This is the beauty of a commissioned piece. You help design and guide us, so we can create just the right original artwork for you and your space.

After a rendering is approved, a proposal/contract is sent to you to be signed and mailed with a deposit for the commissioned art. We will also go over your deadline for the installation and any other needs you may have. Balances are not due until the completion of the work.

Let’s Collaborate & Create

Call us anytime throughout the day to make an appointment for an art consultation and meeting. We travel all over the world to meet with clients to help them with their commissioned art needs like: sculptures, paintings, furniture, photography, custom metal fabrication, hand-painted wallpapers, murals, neon, interactive art, ceramics, glass, digital prints, framing and architectural creations for residential clients, architects, builders, hospitality designers, interior designers and corporate clients.

Call 239-246-0890 or to make an appointment.


By: Debra Ferrari

Owner/ Artist/ Professional Art Consultant at Ferrari Gallery & Art Services


FERRARI GALLERY PRESENTS Ferrari, Ferrari, Campbell & Stone


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Ferrari Gallery will be hosting an art exhibition featuring works of art by James Ferrari, Debra Ferrari, Anne Campbell and D. Stone on July 1st from 4 – 8 pm at the Ferrari residence in Pagosa Springs, CO. This will not only be an exhibition, but it will also be an art experience not to miss. James Ferrari will be showing all new works of sculpture and he will also unveil a Ferrari infused life size horse at 6:30 pm on July 1st. Debra Ferrari will be presenting a new series of paintings that will be part of a global art event to help save and protect our planets wildlife along with new H3 & Darkhorse paintings. Anne Campbell has created new pieces of mixed media jewelry by making molds from tree bark and turning them into beautiful wearable creations along with her gold infused cuffs, silver pendants, earrings and rings. D. Stone will be presenting all new works of reverse painted light boxes on acrylic and abstract canvas works inspired by natural forms. Formal invitations are being mailed this week. If you would like an invitation please send us your name, address and e-mail to

Hotel Owners + Artists = An Art Experience


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Paintings, functional art… like the custom designed table and chairs in the picture above, sculpture, neon, glass, digital art, interactive art and custom wallcoverings captures peoples attention and draws guests into your hotel property. Guests will relate their experience to their visual experiences. They will share their stay with selfies in front of interesting art. Ferrari Gallery and Art Services keep design and create original and fresh ideas to help hospitality designers create an art gallery inside of public spaces. We are not just the art consultants but also the artists. We also work with fellow artists all over the world. We are expert collaborators with interior designers and local artists. We have an in house design team, graphic designers, sculptors, painters & photographers to conceive art installations and complete them on time for your properties. Call us for an art consultation. We will meet with you anywhere in the world. Call 239-246-0890 or e-mail us at

Art Evokes Emotions


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Emotions alert us and grab our attention. One of our strongest senses that has played a large role in deriving emotional cues from our surroundings is sight. We are drawn to places that provide multi sensory stimulation. Visual senses are a direct line to how we make sense of the world and our ourselves. This is a powerful force when designing a space in a home, hotel, restaurant, apartment building, office, hospital, etc… Art plays an important role in these places. Paintings, sculptures, photography, use of colors and other mediums have been proven through cognitive science to stimulate regions in the brain that are connected directly to emotions. This is why we work closely with interior designers, hospitality designers, builders and architects to solve design needs to evoke a desired emotion through art.